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Ejercicios de Pasado Simple y Pasado Continuo

En esta entrada te mostramos unos ejercicios y sus soluciones para comprobar tu nivel en la materia de Física. Te mostramos los siguientes enlaces por si te fueran de interés:

Pasado Simple

  1. When I was a child, I always _________ to school by bike. (go)
  2. She _________ her keys at home this morning. (leave)
  3. You _________ all the answers on the test! (know)
  4. Before I moved to this city, I had never _________ sushi. (try)
  5. Have you ever _________ at a live concert? (sing)
  6. Last year, she _________ her book and it was a big hit. (publish)
  7. My grandmother _________ delicious meals every Sunday. (cook)
  8. The last time I saw them, they _________ a new house. (buy)
  9. I _________ at that company for five years before I found a new job. (work)
  10. Although we _________ all day, we couldn’t finish the project on time. (strive)

Pasado Continuo

  1. While you were sleeping, I _________ the whole house. (clean)
  2. They _________ a movie when the power went out. (watch)
  3. When I called her, she _________ dinner. (make)
  4. He _________ to music while studying for the exam. (listen)
  5. The children _________ in the garden when it started to rain. (play)
  6. We _________ the game when someone knocked at the door. (play)
  7. She _________ a bath when the phone rang. (take)
  8. While they _________ for the bus, they met an old friend. (wait)
  9. I _________ a book when I suddenly realized I was late. (read)
  10. The sun _________ when we went outside for a walk. (shine)

Frases para practicar ambos pasados

  1. Yesterday, I _________ to the store, but they _________ remodeling, so it was closed. (go, be)
  2. She _________ her keys at home this morning, while she _________ for the bus. (leave, wait)
  3. While we _________ dinner last night, the power _________. (cook, go out)
  4. They _________ the game on TV when their friends _________ by for a surprise visit. (watch, drop)
  5. He _________ to the gym last week, but on Tuesday he _________ at home with a cold. (go, stay)
  6. She always _________ her homework, but yesterday she _________ it at school. (do, forget)
  7. While you _________ your book, I _________ some cookies. (read, bake)
  8. They _________ a new house last month, while they _________ for a bigger place. (buy, look)
  9. I _________ my phone on the table when I _________ for my keys. (put, search)
  10. The children _________ in the park when it _________ to rain. (play, start)
  11. Last weekend, they _________ to the beach, but they _________ because of the weather. (go, not enjoy)
  12. While I _________ to work yesterday, I _________ a flat tire. (drive, get)
  13. She _________ a beautiful song at the concert, while the audience _________. (sing, clap)
  14. They _________ late for the meeting because they _________ in traffic. (be, get stuck)
  15. I _________ my grandma last Sunday while she _________ in the garden. (visit, work)


Pasado simple

  1. went
  2. left
  3. knew
  4. tried
  5. sung
  6. published
  7. cooked
  8. bought
  9. worked
  10. strove

Pasado Continuo

  1. was cleaning
  2. were watching
  3. was making
  4. was listening
  5. were playing
  6. were playing
  7. was taking
  8. were waiting
  9. was reading
  10. was shinin

Frases para practicar ambos pasados

  1. went, was
  2. left, was waiting
  3. were cooking, went out
  4. were watching, dropped
  5. went, was staying
  6. did, forgot
  7. were reading, baked
  8. bought, were looking
  9. put, was searching
  10. were playing, started
  11. went, didn’t enjoy
  12. was driving, got
  13. sang, were clapping
  14. were, got stuck
  15. visited, was working
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