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Sandra Sánchez

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«Hello! If you are on this page, it’s because you’re interested in finding out something about yourself. Let me tell you how important self-knowledge is.

In the intricate journey towards a professional future, there can be doubts. Detecting them in time is synonymous with progress and the possibility of success. Ignoring your tastes, preferences, and opportunities can lead to adverse feelings. Therefore, it is necessary, before starting the last academic step, to know what we want to be professionally (or at least, know what we do not want).

There is a saying that goes, ‘There is no favorable wind if you don’t know where you are going.’ Guaranteeing success is impossible, but the idea is to make the right decisions, be honest with oneself, and know oneself so that destiny takes us where we long to be.»

The Importance of Choosing Correctly

Choosing a higher education is a decisive milestone in the life of any student. A range of options opens up, each with its own advantages, challenges, and opportunities. Choosing correctly means finding the path that will allow one to fully unleash their potential, a journey aligned with your interests, passions, and abilities.

Vocational tests offer a compass to navigate this ocean of possibilities. They provide a deeper understanding of one’s own interests, show where they can be applied, and guide towards the studies and careers that best suit each individual.»

The Benefits of Proper Study Guidance

Properly guiding one’s studies is not just a matter of career choice. It is a way to maximize satisfaction and success in college and beyond. When a student embarks on a course of study that truly reflects who they are, they learn more effectively, engage more with their work, and ultimately are happier and more successful in their professional journey.

Moreover, correct study orientation allows for the most out of university years. Students can select subjects and experiences that not only prepare them for a career but also allow them to grow as individuals.

Taking a vocational test can be an immensely revealing and valuable experience. This test can offer you insight into your own skills and passions, illuminating the path to a career and study choice that suits you. All students at the crossroads of choosing a university path are encouraged to consider taking one. You may discover something about yourself that you didn’t know, and in the end, it will help you make a more informed and accurate decision.

Test to Find Out What to Study

In this PCE School test, you will have access to a first approach to understanding yourself. The idea is simple: to know the itinerary that best suits you and your preferences.

  • There are 20 multiple-choice questions.
  • Answer with what is closest to your preference.
  • There is no time limit.
  • There are 4 types of results, depending on your answers: Engineering Itinerary, Scientific-Health Itinerary, Social Itinerary, and Humanities Itinerary.
1. Do you like Sudoku?

2. Are you interested in political news?

3. Do you enjoy an old book?

4. Do you like to debate abstract ideas and philosophical theories?

5. Would you join an NGO to go work as a volunteer in a country?

6. Can you name 5 people from your country's government?

7. Which historical figure do you prefer?

8. What would you look for in your dream job?

9. What is your opinion on Artificial Intelligences (AI)?

10. What is your opinion on Climate Change?

11. Which movie did you enjoy the most?

12. If you're at a party and need to split expenses among friends...

13. Latin is...

14. Do you enjoy writing by hand on paper?

15. The worst subject I have ever taken is...

16. I prefer to read a magazine...

17. If I had a time machine, I would go to...

18. Which discovery or event is most important to you?

19. Where would you like to visit?

20. "70% of the population under 25 is unemployed due to lack of jobs and pollutes three times more than those who are employed." What is the first thing that caught your attention in the headline?

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